The Love Of God

I have started this blog at the urging of the Holy Spirit, it will be mostly writings that I feel bring us to a better understanding of the true nature of God the Father. As in anything, I ask you to weigh what you read here against the scriptures and the witness that is in your heart. This is also a continued effort of what my father started; to spread the true gospel so that you may know the fullness of the

Love Of God.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Under His Wing...

This morning tucked up in my attic prayer study room I was reading and praising God for the glorious morning. Sitting at my desk, I can look out and see the morning sun reflect off all the trees lined up and down our street. There is a peaceful contentment that floods my soul and a sense of wonderment at God's creative handy work. 
I love meeting God here, it is "our" place. 

Do you make daddy-daughter dates? 

As I was reading the Psalm's and praising God for His goodness and mercy to me, Psalm 91 came to mind. Now, I know this Psalm very well as it has a special meaning to me. 

I opened the bible to read it again. It always blesses me. This Psalm has been my peace when times were not. 

A couple of years ago, when the shop was doing very poorly and I was being hit with bouts of vertigo,  I was in the back studio pouring my heart out to God reading Psalms 91. It was a time in the wilderness for me but it changed my heart. 
One evening, as I was laying in bed wrestling with the events of the day, the Holy Spirit layed Psalms 91 very strongly on my heart.  
I could see the wing of God and hear him calling to me. I climbed up and nestled into His glorious feathers and rested under His wing and that night I slept well.  Since then, when the stresses of life march before me at night, I climb up into that safe and peaceful place. 
It is much better than counting sheep! 

This spring I drove out to Washington to do the Farm Chicks show with my daughter. I loaded up the SUV and headed northwest. It was going to be a roadtrip with the Lord! I had all my inspirational cd's and music, I was expecting a wonderful time with the Lord.
It was a great trip the first day through Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. I marveled at the beautiful farmland with all its new growth, as though the Lord laid out beautiful patterns of  giant quilt patches in luscious shades of green. I laughed with the Lord at the calves jumping and playing together and  the beautiful lambs feeding on their mama's. Such sights to delight and to praise God for. 
The second day I hit Wyoming, it is a huge state with not much to look at until you hit the mountains. When I started climbing I hit some bad weather, just rain and wind. There was snow in the ditches but none on the road, I was thankful for this. As I was traveling down this seemly deserted road that would never end, my eyesight started to blur. I had been having trouble with a cataract on my left eye and needed it removed badly but I had been putting off the surgery for a better time... I depended on my right eye completely. This was my right eye that had become blotchy and I could not see, only if I looked away and back at the road again and then only for a few seconds.  I had been listening to an inspirational tape and I began to cry out to the Lord... help!
 What is going on here! I can't stop here in the middle of no where...
I started praying in the spirit against whatever was attacking me and thanking God for the victory of healing here... right now! I had been praying and driving for about 15 minutes while the CD was still playing. It was getting slowly better to see when I heard the speaker on the Cd quote Psalm 91, I started praising God for his protection under His wing! As I drove into this small town somewhere in Wyoming my eyesight was totally restored.  As I sat waiting at a red light, I noticed something floating down... a beautiful white fluffy feather had landed on the hood of my car. I quickly looked up but saw nothing... but I knew where it came from.

Do you know what God responds to? 
Where does faith come from?
Faith comes by hearing the word of God. He responds to His own word mixed with faith. Oh he hears all of our prayers, even the begging but what pleases God?
Without faith we can not please God.
I did not tell you this instance of my trip to have you marvel and say what a miracle. As a child of God we are to walk in His problem solving grace every minute. We are to expect the solution, that is faith.  Life is full of problems but what is a problem? It is the opportunity to see God work! This world would be nothing without problems, without a problem there would be no solutions. If we didn't have a problem for let's say faster travel there would be no airplanes or cars... if we didn't have a problem for communication there would be no telephones or heaven forbid no computers...
Without problems how would God multiply our faith?
 I could have looked at the road trip as, here I am having a good time on the road and God let me loose my eye sight, why God... I was trying to please you and all I got was trouble. But with that attitude I would have not seen the glory of the Lord and in return my faith multiplied. Years from now, will I remember the pretty sights of that trip or will I remember the feather... you see God multiplies our faith from problem to problem or from faith to faith. We turn the word problem into opportunity.
Opportunity to see God work. When we read the word we begin to know God and understand the way He works. With understanding we know the natural laws of things. To know the laws of our land we live in makes it much easier to function, we know what side of the road to drive on and what a red light is... without this knowledge it can be dangerous. We could not walk through life with confidence and or faith in the knowledge that when the red light turns green we will be able to safely continue. The same principle applies to Kingdom living. There are certain laws set in motion by God and He does not change, if  He did nothing would be stable.  It is a learning process, through His word. He is good and He will lead you at your own pace. If you get off track, He will set your path straight. But learning the laws of the land are up to you and when you bind them on your heart you begin to walk in that confidence of faith.

This summer when I had the tent and studio problems, you might have read on my other blog. I got so focused on the problems and trying to solve it all in my timing and not just letting go and giving it to God.  I can get my mind set on a doing something the way I want it done. With frustration I finally threw up my arms one day and just gave it all to Him, instead of pushing things into place. How easy it was just to trust. As I was running from the studio to the house taking two steps at a time, telling God how sorry I was for dethroning Him and doing things my way... I looked down and what was on the step in front of me?